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Mission & Vision -

Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


The mission of 冰球突破豪华版游戏下载, “Where the People Make the Difference," is to provide accessible, affordable, life changing, and life-long educational pathways to residents of North Dakota, the Upper Plains, and beyond.


We are committed to student excellence. We embrace quality student experiences, open communication, and actionable data that enrich personal relationships among our college, faculty, and students.

We believe that people make the difference; that the College is the heart of the communities we serve; that our facilities are a needed, neutral, and central community space; and that our faculty and staff serve multiple and diverse needs in a global environment.

We strive for a strong student presence on-campus, expanded offerings, fiscal sustainability, modern facilities, current technologies, and continuous improvement as a result of both our master and strategic plans.


Personal & Professional Growth


The two-year colleges respect and acknowledge the need to remain open to evolutionary change to ensure they can respond to the needs of the citizens of North Dakota. They share the following core purposes:
  1. To provide academic transfer courses and programs that are parallel and equivalent to those offered during the first two years at baccalaureate institutions.
  2. To provide career and technical education, as well as customized training, to prepare the learner for careers in a specific occupation.
  3. To provide cultural, educational, occupational, and vocational programs to each campus’ host community and the state of North Dakota in the form of courses, workshops, seminars, and institutes.
  4. To provide community service and applied research in collaboration with business and industry to enhance economic development.
  5. To provide open access and support services for a diverse student body.
  6. To facilitate baccalaureate and graduate degree course work within the service area via telecommunications and other appropriate modes.
Approved by State Board of Higher Education, April, 30, 2015.
Williston State College Teton Mascot where the people make the difference